Fat people are happier?

Have you ever heard the saying “Fat people are happier people”? How did that phrase come to be?

One theory is that those who are overweight are happy about it and don’t spend endless amounts of time denying themselves food and drink which give them pleasure.  Another is that without the worry of their weight on their minds, they can focus on other areas of their lives which make them happy!

But how can overweight people be happy if their health is suffering, they don’t appear attractive to others, they are invisible to most clothes shop assistants and they can’t do small amounts of physical activity? I know Mums who feel embarrassed to wear a swimsuit because of their weight and miss out on playing on the beach with their children.  I also know women who dread going out because they don’t have the confidence to wear fashionable and flattering clothes.  Wardrobe and confidence crisis is also common in women who are just slightly overweight and are conscious about flabby bellies, love handles emerging from the top of waistbands and wobbly underarms!  There is also of course the issue that even though obesity levels are rising fast, we still live in a “fattist” society in which an overweight person often attracts abuse.

We all need reasons to change our ways, lose weight and keep it off. Perhaps you have read about how a Supersize Mum slimmed down and now shares her daughter’s clothes and is so much happier?. When I needed to lose 3 stones, it coincided with the time several friends and family members had recently been diagnosed with long term conditions such as high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes or heart disease. I also noticed that soon after being diagnosed, these people instantly seemed to look much older than they really were. It made me resolve to look after my health whilst I still have it, lose the excess weight and reduce the risk factors of developing such illnesses. I see my return to a healthy weight as the key not only to better health, but also a powerful tool in fighting the ageing process and looking younger for longer!

Am I happier? I have realised that nothing tastes as good as the freedom to do what I want and wear what I want without feeling embarrassed and self conscious!

Join me and the Supersize Mum in finding your inner motivation to a younger and healthier looking you. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted on my own journey in trying not to slip back into old, bad habits.

About Sneha

I am a pharmacist and homeopath and have advised people for many years on issues to do with health, weight and well being. My role has involved navigating my way through the burdensome and sometimes conflicting volume of information and advice from health experts about with what constitutes a healthy diet, what foods to avoid if you want to lose weight and the importance of exercise in weight control and maintaining health. Despite all this information being available, obesity in the UK continues to rise. Knowledge is one thing, but putting it into practice is another! Having lost 3 stones since the birth of my second child, people have been asking me how I did it. That's what has inspired me to write this blog and share my experiences in the hope that it inspires others to find their own path to achieving their health and beauty goals!
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