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Health Delusion – Saturated fat is bad!

The Health Delusion is actually a book about how to achieve exceptional health in the 21st Century. Such an ambitious claim given that acceptable health is beyond the reach of many prompted me to read the book review in this … Continue reading

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Eyeshadow – Beauty or Beastly?

I am faithful to my black eyeliner and black kohl pencil and as my friends will testify, I never leave home without it. The trouble is, I always have the same look. I’ve tried different coloured kohl pencils and dabbled with eyeshadow – nothing … Continue reading

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Do TV Chefs make us fat?

I love TV cookery programmes but I wish they would share the nutritional facts about their dishes. TV chefs use a lot more oil and butter than I do at home and the possibility of eating something very unhealthy prevents me from … Continue reading

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Weight Loss – A state of mind?

Sara Valente of Tomorrow’s Pharmacist describes how people need to mentally prepare themselves if they are to maintain any successful weight loss. I agree that you won’t lose weight and keep it off unless you really want to. Scott Adams, US cartoonist … Continue reading

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