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Masala Scrambled Eggs

I’ve never liked the taste of eggs. But I’ve started exercising more and I’m still avoiding yeast based foods e.g. bread because they make my bloating worse. So I’ve been looking for a more filling but healthy breakfast when the smoothie … Continue reading

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Chocolate and Almond Smoothie

For those who need vitamin D and love chocolate desserts but not the calories. Ingredients: 1 ripe, chopped and frozen banana 6 frozen strawberries 1/2 ripe pear 2-3 heaped teaspoons raw cacao powder 6 almonds with skin 125ml almond milk … Continue reading

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Japanese inspired grilled Salmon

Here is a recipe to boost your vitamin D levels whilst we wait for the sun to shine. Even my fish averse 8-year old son loves this (minus the chilli)! Ingredients 4 salmon fillets with skin For the marinade: 4 dessertspoons … Continue reading

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The Great British Weather and the Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D can help fight against colds and flu according to recent research. Known commonly as the sunshine vitamin due to its production in the skin when exposed to the sun, there are now concerns that many people in the U.K. … Continue reading

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Café Culture leads us to temptation

Is a drink too wet without one? I’m referring to our increasing love of cake and meeting for coffee. Picture this. It’s a Sunday afternoon in a charming little coffee shop in Harrow-on-the-Hill near the world famous boys’ school. I … Continue reading

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Hot and Healthy

Truth circle time, cauliflower is just kind of flavorless to me. I’m not saying I hate it, I’m just not always drawn to it. This soup is probably in my top 3 though. I could easily eat it every week. … Continue reading

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Make up- To impress or express?

The term “Dress to Impress” is so established, it has become a frequently cited dress code on party invitations. But it seems that we are yet to unite about whether it’s acceptable or not to wear make up to impress, the … Continue reading

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