Very Low Calorie Diets – Recipe for Failure?

I have always believed Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) under 1000 calories a day are bad for you. Until recently that is. Arguments against VLCD include a lack of nutrients to sustain good health, unsustainable eating patterns for the longer term and regaining weight as soon as the diet stops.The great thing about them however is that you’ll definitely lose weight. The psychological positive power of losing pounds in the early days of a diet can’t be underestimated. Success  after all is a great motivator.

The key to maintaining that success is knowing when to jump on and off the bandwagon and the reason for that is because the arguments against VLCD are in fact true. For those with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure who have a lot of weight to lose, the benefits of shedding some weight quickly are likely to be more significant than any detrimental effects of a VLCD. It’s when you hit your wall of resistance and temptation threatens your willpower that it’s time for a gear change. This might mean eating more calories, allowing yourself a little bit of something that you crave, some diet free days or increasing your physical activity. Whichever option you choose, as long as you burn more than you eat, you will still continue to lose weight without actually falling off the bandwagon.

Less is more…some of the time!

About Sneha

I am a pharmacist and homeopath and have advised people for many years on issues to do with health, weight and well being. My role has involved navigating my way through the burdensome and sometimes conflicting volume of information and advice from health experts about with what constitutes a healthy diet, what foods to avoid if you want to lose weight and the importance of exercise in weight control and maintaining health. Despite all this information being available, obesity in the UK continues to rise. Knowledge is one thing, but putting it into practice is another! Having lost 3 stones since the birth of my second child, people have been asking me how I did it. That's what has inspired me to write this blog and share my experiences in the hope that it inspires others to find their own path to achieving their health and beauty goals!
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