The Great British Weather and the Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D can help fight against colds and flu according to recent research. Known commonly as the sunshine vitamin due to its production in the skin when exposed to the sun, there are now concerns that many people in the U.K. are vitamin D deficient, particularly in those who limit their sun exposure for health or cultural reasons and also during Winter when days are shorter and sunny days scarce. Researchers are now recommending widespread supplementation not only to improve bone and muscle health but to protect against colds and flu.

Of course, the alternative is to eat foods naturally rich in Vitamin D such as oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines etc) tofu, soya, shitake and porcini mushrooms, almond milk etc. Need some inspiration in the kitchen? Tomorrow, look out for my Japanese inspired grilled salmon recipe. Later this week, I’ll post my chocolate and almond smoothie recipe. for all the dessert lovers out there.


About Sneha

I am a pharmacist and homeopath and have advised people for many years on issues to do with health, weight and well being. My role has involved navigating my way through the burdensome and sometimes conflicting volume of information and advice from health experts about with what constitutes a healthy diet, what foods to avoid if you want to lose weight and the importance of exercise in weight control and maintaining health. Despite all this information being available, obesity in the UK continues to rise. Knowledge is one thing, but putting it into practice is another! Having lost 3 stones since the birth of my second child, people have been asking me how I did it. That's what has inspired me to write this blog and share my experiences in the hope that it inspires others to find their own path to achieving their health and beauty goals!
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