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I don’t remember that!

I’ve said this far more often in the last few years than in the previous forty! Regrettably, friends, it’s not just after a few (a lot) glasses of wine. The mind is not as sharp as it once was. I’ve admitted … Continue reading

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My 4-Week Wine Diary- Week 2

The problem is that once opened, wine is always best before tomorrow. In fact, there is a long list of wine problems: The better wines rarely come in half bottles and I hate wastage so if I’ve started, I’ll finish … Continue reading

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10 Famous People with Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Both

Mental health issues do not discriminate – they can affect anyone. It’s time to acknowledge that there’s neither shame in being affected with depression nor acceptable to be prejudiced against those who are. Source: 10 Famous People with Depression, Bipolar Disorder or Both

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6 Words that Led to a Suicide Attempt: ‘She’s Just a Crybaby, Stay Here’

Originally posted on Psychology Facts:
Sobs.  I heard sobs. They were coming from upstairs, on our side of the duplex this time, broken hearted, wrenching sobs. At three years-old, the worn couch swallowed me up.  I remember wiggling and scrunching…

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How clean is your house?

“But what nobody told me while my house was falling apart is that I would start to see clearly again, how this particular fog would lift.” At Motherwell, Lauren Apfel reflects on reclaiming her body — and her house — … Continue reading

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